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From the Only at Our House File…

Yes, that is exactly what you think it is.  A squirrel’s tail with no squirrel attached.  I found this under one of our big oak trees one morning this week when Happy and I walked outside.  So, the question is did the squirrel get in a fight in our tree and lose his taill (and is that like a girl losing a shirt in a fight?), did the squirrel get snatched up by its tail by a bird of prey and it wiggled its way free from its tail and then said bird of prey dropped said tail or did someone lose the tail of his or her fancy squirrel hat?  I have been keeping an eye out for the tailless squirrel in the ‘hood but have yet to spot him. 

From the “That’s good parenting” file…

Happy has a thing for my wallet.  For reals.  He is obsessed with getting his hands on it and then likes to get rid of the evidence.  When I do catch him, he is fingering my driver’s license and debit card.  I tell him we are going to fight about money and driving soon enough, let’s enjoy the honeymoon period. I am pretty sure he rolls his eyes at that.  Anyway, I was moving rapidly through the house the other day to prepare to meet a friend for lunch when I realized that Happy had done it again.  My wallet was MIA and I couldn’t find it to find it before lunch time.  I ran to the car, loaded Happy up, and searched my front seat and such just in case my wallet was there.  Nope.  How will I pay for our lunch?  I wondered.  And then Happy’s piggy bank flashed into my mind.   I’ll pay you back, I practically chanted as I busted that bad boy open– only to be met with a handful of coins because I had recently deposited all his cash in the savings account that the good mother in me had actually opened for him. Glad my good mother episode thwarted my bad mother episode.  I ended up calling BF and having him bring me some lunch money. Later, I found my wallet on the kitchen counter behind the cereal box.  Guess baby didn’t hide it after all.     

And from the awkward conversation file…

Happy and I were out and about this week when a woman came up to me and told me how adorable he was.  I thanked her and she followed with, “So I am thinking you must have gotten him from somewhere.”  Yes, that is how she asked if he was adopted.  I politely explained that he is Ethiopian, but her phrasing has stuck with me ever since.  I so don’t mind if people are curious about our family, but wow.

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