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May 10, 2009 at 8:58 pm 2 comments

Baby, the bubble's behind you!

Baby, the bubble's behind you!

Lola washing her own mouth out with soap bubbles

Lola washing her own mouth out with soap bubbles

Baby loving Lola's bubble chasing

Baby loving Lola's bubble chasing

This is off tangent from Beautiful You Monday as I just haven’t had a moment to formulate a Beautiful You thought!  

We spent our Mother’s Day mostly in the yard.  We knew we needed more ivy for an ivy patch that we have been cultivating around one of our great big oaks and so we cleared it out, weeded all the baby oaks growing there (probably more than 50 acorns had taken root in the last few months), raked out all the leaves and acrons that we could and picked up all the twigs.  Then we pulled the waning pansies out in the front beds to make room for impatiens.  Finally, I went off to the local ice cream parlor/ garden shop (isn’t your garden center located in the local ice cream parlor?) and bought 20 ivy pots, 11 Coleus varieties and 200 impatiens (because I didn’t realize that the flats each held 40 tiny impatients and that impatiens multiply like rabbits.  I thought each flat had 12 impatiens and that what you see is what you get.  So when I pulled up with all my flats of impatiens, my dear sweet neighbor, Honey, who is a master gardener (yes, the gardening novice lives next door to a master gardener because the world is humorous) came over and said, “Rosie, you bought enough impatiens for the whole neighborhood”).  This after I had just told BF that it looked like I didn’t get enough.  Anyway, she showed me how to plant them and then BF and I proceeded to plant 150 little impatiens, 20 ivy plants, and a cute little Coleus patch.  There’s still a little front bed work to do as six bushes died over the winter and our vegetable garden to get done, but we’re making progress and hopeful that with early evenings this week and the upcoming weekend, we’ll have it all done.         

After knocking a lot of yard work out, we moved inside to do some baby proofing and rearranging.  We love our house– it’s the tiniest of cottages– and it suits two grown ups, a pup, and a non-moving baby fine. But with baby considering a good crawl, we thought we should get rid of some furniture to make room for him to move.  We moved our monster coffee table out so that’s there good crawl and play space in the living room.  In the dining room, we traded our stout dining room table for a little round table we had in the attic and loaded an old wooden ironing board that we used as a sideboard into the attic.  This switch made great lanes for future car pushing.

And, finally, we took a work break when Honey blew bubbles for baby and Lola stole the show by chasing and eating them like a frantic girl.  It was the funniest thing baby had ever seen– he was belly laughing and we were, too.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day of shoes and basketball

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  • 1. Jill Williams  |  May 11, 2009 at 8:48 am

    What a great Mother’s Day! My family dog, Shelby, used to chase bubbles like Lola does. It really never got boring watching her, though I was always concerned that ingesting that much soap couldn’t be healthy for her.

  • 2. Yvette  |  May 11, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Aww .. Sounds like a greast Mother’s day..

    btw Love the pix of The baby Face and Miss Lola!! U really know how to start off my week in a good way ;-)


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