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A Body Warrior to Meet: Alyse


What I love about myself:  I don’t take myself too seriously. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is something I live by.

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty:  my weight, I wish I was smaller but god, I love food. Why can’t lettuce taste like chocolate?

My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself: my amazing husband. He accepts me no matter what. For that, I am truly blessed.

Beauty is:  evident everywhere. An amazing song, a playful child, a loving man and, a laughing woman are all beautiful. 

Why I am strong:  I have faced many challenges in my life, often brought on by myself, and I have overcome them. I am strong because I help others to be strong. I have passion for a few things, and I try to let others see and experience that passion. 

Why I am beautiful:   Because I am at ease in my own skin and confident of my abilities.  

What women must know:  That they can do anything. Women are amazing and when they decide to get something done, they get it done, usually with grace and style.  

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Diagnosis: Broken Heart

So, I’ve been in a funk all day today.  At first, I thought it was completely weather-induced.  It’s in the 40s here and has been raining all day, a gray depressing sky overhead on the last day of March.  When I was a little girl, I used to get intense stomachaches when it rained.  I’d come home every rainy day with a note from the school nurse saying that I had visited the health room with a stomachache.  I am not sure what it was about rainy days that upset me so much, but, for a year at least, they threw my sunny disposition off.  Now, in general, I don’t mind rainy days although they usually make me nostalgic for the dorm room I had my freshmen and junior year of college.  I was in the same dorm those two years, and the beds were permanently attached to the wall.  I remember that on rainy days I always found the time to get up under the covers to nap and read.  When I went back to the college as a staffer, I would always look out my office window on rainy days and envy the kids who were walking back to their dorms after class because I knew that they were likely going to crawl into their beds.  And on rainy days, I coveted my Richardson bed, my fluffy down comforter, and my stars and planets primary color quilt.  So, I was jonesing for that Richardson dorm bed just a little while ago when I realized that I wasn’t in a funk because of the rain. This was not a throw back to 1st grade; my stomach in knots because of the grayness.  Nope.  The truth is that flash of memory to my Richardson bed did create a searing pain across my whole abdomen, but it also led me to realize what’s wrong.  I am heart broken.  The Davidson basketball boys lost in the final seconds of last night’s Elite Eight game by 2.  3 more points, and they would have been headed to the Final 4.  I don’t know that much about basketball.  I am not a obsessive consumer of it the way I am of other sports.  But I know that those guys deserved that game, and my heart is broken for them today.  It’s silly, really, I know.  I should buck up and move on.  But, sometimes, when you admire what someone or something stands for so much, it’s just hard to adjust to a loss that is both that close and that deep.  I’ll be my smiley effervescent self again soon enough.  But for now, I am licking my wounds and wishing there was a school nurse here to push the hair out of my eyes.   

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Women Rule! and so does bell hooks

In Congress, women only make up 16% of the membership.  Only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOS are women.  Now, we all know that women are capable of doing both.  But something holds them back.  The White House Project, a national nonprofit group dedicated to getting women into positions of power, has created a three day course called Women Rule! to teach women exactly how to do what they dream.  The course is this June in New York City and there is a contest available to win the training.  Check out the between now and April 11, 2008 to enter.  

If you are a Charlotte area blog visitor, check out bell hooks this Friday, April 4 at UNCC at 7 pm in the Miltimore-Wallis Center in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center .   

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Laugh, Cry, Think, Sing

So, my battle against resistance is going well.  I’ve worked out for 6 days in a row.  I’ve had home cooked dinners 5 times in 7 days.  I am not working late into the night.  Hooray! 

Meanwhile, for Friday, I thought I would highlight some past blog posts, a little medley of options depending on what you like. 

The most popular posts on this blog are the ones I have done on songs of female empowerment.  I created Imixes at ITunes for these lists so shoot on over there if you want some new tunes.  Post 1   Post 2  Post 3

These posts most crack me up.  Cupcake Drama  5 Bucks

This one sorta hurts my heart.  Lola  

This one breaks my heart.   Dangerous

This one made you talk.   Video

Written in a flurry and in fury.  Smith

This one is a reminder.  5 for 08 

This was one of the first and one of my faves.  Danny Says. 

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Go Jamie Go!

Saw this opening sentence on and had to read the whole thing.  Hope you will, too. 

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has once again decided to bare her soul – and body – to convince women that they will be their most beautiful if they take care of their bodies and age naturally.

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So, about three months ago, my husband and I stopped by one of the local spots for Sunday lunch.  Stephen Curry was there with a tableful of students– this was long before any tournaments– and I said to my husband, “I wonder what it is like to be the best athlete on campus.”  The team has been covered extensively in the media since Friday and then Sunday’s win and Stephen is a hot Google search these days.  My question a few months ago seems so tiny in the grand scheme of things now.  Now, I wonder what it is like to be one of the most watched athletes in the country.  My brother sent me this highlight reel this morning.  If you haven’t bought into the hype yet, feel free to join the bandwagon now.  There’s room; I promise.  And we’re real nice. 

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A Body Warrior to Meet: Harriett


What I love about myself:   I still get excited about new projects, ideas, and concepts.

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty:  As I age, (now I am 62), I have to accept that my body can’t do the things it could twenty years ago.  However, as I age I accept my limitations more easily.

My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself:  My inner voice.

Beauty is: The ability to see the hand of Mother Nature at work in everything about you and around you.  (Mother Nature didn’t make mistakes!)
Why I am strong:  I was bred for it from the loins of a strong woman I called “Mother”. 
Why I am beautiful:  Because I am lucky enough to attract incredible people to my side who are ALWAYS beautiful in one dimension or another.
What women must know:  You CAN have everything in this life, you just can’t have it all at once.  There is a time for every season.  Have patience.  Life will unfold with a delicious cornucopia of experiences.    

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The Little Team that could…


So, my bio clearly states I went to Davidson College as an undergrad.  I worked there for six years as the Director of Community Service and Bonner Scholar Programs.  I live in the small college town still.  When I was applying to colleges, I really wanted to go to Notre Dame.  I am a sports fan, a fiendish, obsessed sports fan- the kind of girl who carried a couple different televisions into one room back before the current college bowl system so that I could watch football bowl games all day long on January 1st.  But Notre Dame wait-listed me, and so on the day before I had to make a decision, I choose Davidson– a divison 1 school that played– oh, my hurt heart- Divison 3 football.  But they played Divison 1 soccer, and I am a girl from a soccer family.  My brother’s an accomplished college soccer coach.  I coached high school ball when I taught.  And Davidson’s soccer team went to the Final Four my freshmen year (and my grades were totally affected by my roadtripping all over the south to go to the games.  If my mother is reading this, that’s not true.  My grades were what they were just because I was adjusting to college.).  There was nothing like watching that underdog team make its way through the tournament– winning penalty kick overtimes over and over again.  And nothing like cheering them on in the Final Four on our campus (we had won the bid to host the Final Four long before anyone imagined we’d make it to the soccer dance).  Over my undergraduate years, a new coach started building our basketball team, and, by my second year out, the team had made it to its first NCAA tournament in recent history.  We lost in the first round, but it was a taste of March Madness that we all savored.  And we’ve been back a few times since, little darlings that people admire for a moment on their bracket sheets (how cute that a school of 1700 made it in) before they keep going.  But this year, the team has done the unbelievable.  They’ve made it to the Sweet 16.  A few weeks ago, I was in Amherst, Massachusetts– long before the tournament teams were done with their regular seasons.  Someone asked where I was from and I explained that Davidson was just north of Charlotte, a college town with a basketball team that would be the Cinderella of this year’s tournament.  “Oh really,” he asked, mildly amused by me (how cute that this writer girl thinks she knows basketball).  “Remember Gonzaga ten years ago, back before anyone even knew how to say it or where it was?  That’s Davidson.  Seriously, choose us on your bracket.”  I have no idea if he chose us, but I think the whole darn nation now realizes that they should have.  On Friday, Davidson, powered by a compelling trio of seniors, two juniors who just break your heart with their earnestness on the court, a sophomore who has a brother who also went to the dance with another team, and another sophomore who looks more like an innocent than a superstar (but is, indeed, a superstar– not just for us but is the best three point shooter in the country.  For real), beat– I kid you not– Gonzaga.  The only place that probably had us going all the way was the bracket created based on the academic acheivements of the basketball teams.  And, yet, here these guys are, defying all expectations.  You should read about these guys.  They have the longest winning streak in the country.  They are the kind of young men who make you feel good about the state of college athletics today.  And they are also the young men that led the people in this town to honk their car horns for two straight hours tonight after they put away #2 Georgetown in the tournament today.  We’re headed to the sweet 16 on Friday (as the smallest school).  And though most of the world is probably mad at these fellas for spoiling their brackets, you can’t help but root for a team that sings Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline as the seconds wind down on the game clock.    

** the photo is from my early days as a fan.  I tend to be a couch-sitting, quiet, intense fan these days, but the roots were planted back when I sported the colors and joined in on the cheers.           

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Wonders never cease…

I didn’t work all weekend– I don’t even think I worked the 4 hours that I planned to work.  I got in two hours and 15 minutes of workouts.  We ate at home both Saturday and Sunday nights.  And I did some pleasure reading.  What a perfect weekend in my quest to conquer resistance.  Let’s hope that my first full week of this experiment follows suit. 

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La Misma Luna/ Under the Same Moon

La Misma Luna/ Under the Same Moon debuted March 19th as a release from Fox Searchlight and The Weinstein Company.  It debuted at Sundance 2007 where it then went into a bidding war for distribution.  There is a small appearance by America Ferrerra, and the rest of the cast are actors from Mexico.  The leads are Kate del Castillo, Eugenio Derbez, and Adrian Alonso.   

Here are two trailers.  The first one is in English.  Each link includes a short synopsis of the film.

Here’s an article from USA Today with a link to a review.   

Hope you’ll check out the film! 

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